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Wherever you want to travel in Greece, in the Islands, in the Mainland, in the Mountains and Lakes, in small picturesque villages, in the big cities, Splendid Travel assist you in booking the ideal hotel for you.

THESSALONIKI: This is our city! We know it by heart, we’ve been living here like, forever! Great variety of hotels, good deals in low season, small and cozy, or big and glamorous. Splendid Travel can offer you a nice accommodation package, for you, your family and friends. Send your request and we will send you a quote. Let us guide you through our city, the City of Alexander the Great. Also, we would be very happy to meet you at our office, very close to Aristotelous square.

CHALKIDIKI or KHALKIDIKI, or HALKIDIKI, no matter how you wish to write its name, there is a saying in Greece “There is nothing like Chalkidiki” and this is absolutely true. We wish you could find elsewhere so many beaches and crystal turquoise waters. Situated very near Thessaloniki, only an hour or two drive (depending on how far you want to go), Chalkidiki is at its best in July and August. June and May may be rainy, September may get a bit chilly in the evenings but still it΄s great. In April and October it seems more like spring time, yet I would rather stay there, in a nice place, reading a book and enjoying the sun, rather than working in the city… Be so kind as to send us your request and we will provide you with a suitable offer.

ATHENS: The glorious capital of Greece, has an allure of its own. The great history and the impressive Acropolis can be seen from most of the hotels, on the topper floors and their roof garden. Thousands of hotels available to you, pick one and start your journey back in time… Let Splendid Travel be your guide, provide you with an attractive accommodation offer and maybe book for you a professional guide to walk you through the Acropolis Museum and the archaeological site of Acropolis.

MYKONOS: One of the most famous Greek Islands, throughout the world. Its unique beauty of white houses, its wild night life, its image has been haunting almost every student from all over the world. Although the last fifteen years the island has become more international than it can handle, still remains a traditional Greek island, having about 60 churches dating from the 16th Century onwards. If you are not interested in swimming in its gorgeous beaches, you can visit Mykonos even in off-season periods and experience another view of a less crowed, more beautiful island.

Really, there are hundreds of very nice hotels, most of them extremely expensive, no doubt, especially from mid-June to mid-August period. Send us your request and we can provide you with a suitable quote for your taste.

SANTORINI: Once you’ve been to Santorini, you will never, ever, forget this breathtaking view of the Caldera… One of the most romantic islands in the world, Santorini is the ideal destination for relaxing and easygoing holidays, especially for those who enjoy the gourmet food and the good wine, the simple luxury of the white-cave hotels and the swimming pools hanging over the rocks… Quite expensive throughout the year, yet it worths it! Feel free to send us your request and we can offer you suitable solutions for accommodation in several villages of the island, not only in the Caldera area.

RHODES:It’s a beautiful island in the Dodecanese island complex. It has a fortress and an old town, gorgeous beaches with crystal water to swim. A large variety of hotels, from Adults Only to All Inclusive hotels for families, Rhodes is ideal for Greek Summer Holidays! You can explore the island, go to Lindos and its Acropolis, take a boat to Symi island, nearby, or take a longer boat ride to Patmos the Holy island. Many cruise lines have as a port of call Rhodes, so it’s a great Greek attraction for sure. You can enjoy peaceful holidays or you may have a very vivid night life at the islands’ many bars and clubs. Rhodes is the ideal island for almost all age groups! Splendid Travel can help you book the ideal hotel for you in this lovely island.

CRETE: We love Crete. Its life, its way of dealing with life, its people, its history of Venetians, Arabs, Turks and the final reunion with Greece in the very early 20th century. Crete is the Sun Island! 300 days of sun throughout the year. The climate is great, the food is simply delicious, all vegetables and fruits are so tasteful… They enjoy life, they play their music, they sing “mandinades” songs, they drink raki and “time” begins to count in a different pace. Go to remote villages up the mountains of Rethynnon area, to meet the original people of Crete. Wherever you chose to travel in Crete, Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno, Lasithi, all the mountains you might drive through, the gorges you might walk through, the beaches where you swim, the nearby remote islands, Crete will always stay in your heart once you return home. The Splendid Travel team will gladly offer you a quote to your next request.

CORFU: Let me sing and dance for you a traditional song from Corfu, you will feel it in the rhythm, in the movements, how close Corfu Island is to the Italian way of singing, talking, living and laughing… The most famous of the Ionian islands, Corfu is an island strongly influenced by the Venetians, the French and the English and for this reason has a cosmopolitan, multicultural charm. The Old Town of Corfu is the most recently-added Greek monument in the Unesco List in 2007, having two fortresses that protected the island from pirates and invasions in the Medieval Times. The Old Town has two or three-storey buildings with no balconies, paved paths, and impressive public buildings. The avenue of Liston is the most characteristic spot of the town, while Spiniada Square is the second largest square in Europe, after Saint Marc Square in Venice.



The Ticketing Department of Splendid travel can issue IATA tickets of all airlines: Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines, Sky Express, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Swissair, Brussels, Euro Wings, Turkish Airlines, TAP Portugal, Air Serbia, British, Iberia, Scandinavian (SAS), Tarom, Air France, Aeroflot, KLM, United, Delta, Virgin Atlantic, Air Malta, Singapore, Thai, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Etihad, etc. It can also issue tickets of Low-Cost carriers like: EasyJet, Ryanair, Transavia, Wizzair, Volotea among the choices for a reliable low-cost trip.


Although Greece is surrounded by water, the Greek maritime schedule has some flaws. The Ferry Boat companies schedule their itineraries with great delay, almost in late spring (regarding the Summer Vacation) and that makes it very difficult in planning in advance most Greek Islands packages for our clients. Splendid Travel can help you in the best possible way to deal with this puzzle by combing maritime and air schedules to best meet your needs. However, this time-consuming travel service is provided only in combination with other traveling services like hotel reservation, air flights, car-rentals, etc.



For all of you travelling to Greece with your company of 8 or more pax, why not charter a minivan with a driver and let us help you organize your ideal program! You would feel flexible, you can spend more time in places you really like. Whether it’s a family trip, or a senior trip, or a wedding event, or a reunion or a simple city tour or an airport pick up, you name it.


For all Travel Agencies organizing their own trips to Greece, Splendid Travel can provide a reliable partner for them, to handle professionally and happily their clientele by offering the famous Greek “Philoxenia” (hospitality). Our English-speaking drivers will be at your disposal and will offer you a relaxed, comfortable and safe journey. If you are not familiar with Northern Greece, let Splendid Travel help you form your ideal program. “We are here for you” and this is our differentiation point from other travel agencies in Thessaloniki! We will be waiting for your next request!



In Splendid Travel we provide a real sense of hospitality, the Greek traditional “Philoxenia”, meaning that we make our “xenos”, the foreigner visitors, feel like our “Philos”, meaning our friend. And somehow, you would feel that you may come to Greece as strangers but leave as our friends… This is beyond being professional, beyond delivering what you have promised in your contracts. For Splendid Travel tourism is in our heart. As a family owned business, we have been working in Tourism Industry since 1963. We just love our job, it’s our life, our way of breathing.


In Splendid Travel we know the Northern Greece by heart. Whether you want to plan a cultural trip, or a trip to Nature (Mount Olympus, lakes, rivers etc.), or a “wine-road” trip, or an educational trip, we are your reliable partners. Have a look in our “Mainland Northern Greece” section, under the “TOURS IN GREECE” in order to get an idea of our multi-day excursions. Splendid Travel can provide multi-language official tourist guides for special city tours, along with hotel booking or restaurant bookings.


Splendid Travel can help you in the traveling part of your conference in Thessaloniki. Air transportation, hotel accommodation, transfers, city tours, venues reservation, all can be provided by Splendid Travel.


If you organize an incentive trip to Northern Greece, Splendid Travel is your ideal partner. Full of ideas, interesting programs, delicious-food restaurants, wineries, activities in nature, cooking lessons, many options for your travel agency to differentiate.



Explore the amazing Greek Islands with a flexible and easy-going “Fly & Drive Package”. You can pick among the Greek islands of Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Milos, Astypalaia, Kos, Karpathos, Leros, Samos, Chios, Lesvos, Limnos, Skiathos, Syros, etc. Splendid Travel, apart from the air tickets will offer a variety of hotels and car categories


Splendid Travel can organize a private tour for you and your company in Greece. You can pick the place of your interest, among others, go on a “Greek Island Hopping”, “Mountains & Lakes of Northern Greece”, “Cultural Greece”, “Cities-Museums and Wineries”, etc. Splendid Travel can provide you an exquisite package just for you!



Splendid Travel can organize your trip to Greece if you have a religious focus of your trip. Have a look in our “Mainland Northern Greece” section, under the “TOURS IN GREECE” in order to get an idea of our religious focused excursions. Splendid Travel can provide multi-language official tourist guides for special city tours, along with hotel bookings.


Splendid Travel has organized many trips of American Universities in Greece. Depending on the groups major interest, Splendid can combine an educational trip of the main Greek attractions and a leisure break afterwards on a Greek Island. Please feel free to send us your request and we will handle it with great care and responsibility.


If you are interested in Spa Holidays, Splendid Travel provide you a package of hotel and transportation to “Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel” in Edipsos, where there is a hot spring in the Hotel for all necessary health treatments. Regarding Thalassotherapy, there is Aldemar Royal Mare in Crete, where Splendid Travel can provide you with a package.


Greece is so lucky, enjoying all four seasons of the year! Each season has its own beauty of nature, the light, the sun, the rain, has a unique value every time. There are trips combing Mountains and Lakes in Greece, with wonderful scenery, very cozy small hotels, you can travel on our minivans or on our 50seat buses around Greece and enjoy Nature. Share with us your topic of interest and let us provide you with a unique schedule.


No doubt, you are looking for a unique way to celebrate your wedding or your bachelor (or bachelorette). The Greek Light will show you the way. Whether you chose a famous Greek Island or a remote beach, Splendid Travel can provide you with an interesting offer, suitable to your ideal event.


Northern Greece Wine Road is a good idea to combine pleasure with Culture. Splendid Travel can provide you different packages, regarding your broader interests in Greece. Feel free to contact Splendid Travel for your kind request.


Splendid Travel can organize your trip for senior travelers to Greece. Either traveling individually or in groups, Splendid Travel can provide special offers, especially during winter months or early spring. We are waiting for your kind request.

Splendid Travel in cooperation with official travel guides can organize a special trip for senior travelers on the rhythm of Greek Mythology!

A beautiful trip in Greek Nature is ideal during Autumn and late spring for the senior travelers. You can combine nature with culture and visit some of Greeks most famous attractions.


Splendid Travel can provide you with a car-rental voucher for your individual transportation service during your trip to Greece. Send your request and Splendid Travel will provide you with an offer.