Mainland northern Greece Tours (for your own group of min 10 pax)


Driving from Thessaloniki to visit Vergina (one hour drive), the World Heritage site, we will see all the treasures of the royal tomb, identified as that of Philip II, who conquered all the Greek cities, paving the way for his son, Alexander and the expansion of the Hellenistic world.

“VERGINA & MOUNT OLYMPUS” TOUR (7 ½ HOURS + bus + guide)
We will start this daily excursion from Thessaloniki to visit Vergina (one hour drive), a World Heritage site. We will visit all the treasures of the royal tomb, identified as that of Philip II, who conquered all the Greek cities, paving the way for his son, Alexander and the expansion of the Hellenistic world.

We will continue this day trip by getting closer to Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece. Having in mind the huge variety of magnificent landscapes and countless beauties, you may recall the ancient myth according to which the Greek Ancient Gods chose this mountain as their own place to live. We will enjoy the beautiful forests with the breathtaking view that many paths offer! The traditional village of Litochoro lies on the footsteps of Mount Olympus. From there, we will walk an easy-going path in the valley of Enipeas’ gorge (around 45 minutes totally), on the low slopes of the Mountain and experience the magnificent nature.

Following our walk, we will return to Litochoro village to have our lunch at a Greek Taverna. Return back to Thessaloniki in the afternoon full of great moments and memories.

“VERGINA AND PELLA” TOUR (approx. 250 km 9 HOURS + bus + guide)
Departure for the visit of the archaeological site of Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia and birthplace of Alexander the Great. Guided tour of the site and the museum. Continuing to the archaeological site of Vergina, once the capital of the Macedonian kingdom and nowadays one of the most important archeological sites of Greece. Visit of the museum with the Royal tomb of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. Free time for lunch and return to Thessaloniki.

“KAVALA & PHILIPPI” TOUR (7 ½ HOURS + bus + guide)
Starting this beautiful day trip with a two-hour drive from Thessaloniki to Kavala where our professional guide will reveal to you all the mythological, historic and regional elements of this Northern part of Greece!

At Philippi, you will see the remains of this walled city at the foot of an acropolis in north-eastern Greece, on the ancient route linking Europe and Asia, the Via Egnatia. Founded in 356 BC by the Macedonian King Philip II, the city developed as a “small Rome” with the establishment of the Roman Empire in the decades following the Battle of Philippi, in 42 BCE. The vibrant Hellenistic city of Philip II, of which the walls and their gates, the theatre and the funerary heroon (temple) are to be seen, was supplemented with Roman public buildings such as the Forum and a monumental terrace with temples to its north. Later the city became a center of the Christian faith following the visit of the Apostle Paul in 49-50 CE. The remains of its basilicas constitute an exceptional testimony to the early establishment of Christianity. We will continue our tour by visiting Kavala, the central square of the city and the Apostole Paul’s monumental pilgrimage.

“MOUNT ATHOS CRUISE” TOUR(approx. 230 km 11 HOURS + bus + guide + boat)
The first part of the program begins with a transfer by bus to Ormos Panagias, situated in N-E of the Sithonia peninsula in Chalkidiki. From this seaport, we will go on with our journey, sailing towards the south of the Athos Peninsula, until we reach the south limit, where the highest point is 2.033 m. From here we shall sail north, along the western coast. You will be able to see from a close distance (from the boat), the mysterious and miraculous place which has been for centuries the center of Orthodoxy and you will find out new information about the history of Mount Athos and 8 of its monasteries. After approximately 4 hours we shall stop in Ouranoupoli, where you will have enough free time to discover the village, to take a walk, to shop or to have a traditional meal in one of the taverns there. On our way, back from Ouranoupoli, the boat will sail to the west, to Ormos Panagias and for 1 hour and a half you will watch a wonderful program with traditional dances and Greek music. The cruise will finish in Ormos Panagias, where the bus will be waiting for your drive back to Thessaloniki. Alternatively, if you want to spend less time onboard, there is a 4hour cruise from Ouranoupolis to Agion Oros and returning back there.

“METEORA UNESCO HERITAGE”(approx. 490 km 12 hours + bus + guide)
A highlight of your stay in Greece will be a visit to the Meteora Monasteries. Meteora is a geological miracle, which one should see for himself in order to believe. Nowadays, only six monasteries are well preserved and four of them are still inhabited. We shall visit 2 of these fabulous monasteries, built high upon the steep rocks. Each monastery owns a vast richness of frescoes and icons. Afterwards, we will make our lunch break in Kalambaka. Return to the city of Thessaloniki.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: For entering the monasteries of Meteora, appropriate dress code is required. No shorts or short skirts are allowed and all should wear long sleeves.

“LAKE KERKINI AND WILD LIFE” TOUR (approx. 220 km 8 HOURS + bus + guide)
Kerkini lake is an artificial lake situated in north-eastern Greece, around 100 km away from Thessaloniki, in a natural region most unspoiled and famous for its beautiful landscapes of forests and mountains, green planes and water streams. Though artificial, Kerkini lake has turned into an important landmark where wildlife has been able to develop. Today this is one of the most relevant birding sites, as it is located along the migratory flyway from the Balkans to the Aegean Sea. As the area is naturally a marshland, it is home to buffaloes and other wildlife. This excursion will let you enjoy one of the most unknown and original regions of northern Greece. In the proximity of the lake you can enjoy a boat tour, rent a bike, or you could go even for horse riding. Enjoy a long walking and stop at a local coffee shop or tavern to taste the local products, take beautiful pictures, breathe unpolluted air. The natural beauty of the region, the high ecological significance of the lake and its contribution to the agricultural development of the surrounding valley are the reasons that make it worth visiting.

On the slopes of Epanomi, few kilometers from Thessaloniki, a meticulously-tended vineyard surrounds the modern winery, where the renowned Ktima Gerovassiliou wines are produced. During our visit, we can experience a winery guided tour and wine testing where Visitors can choose the labels they wish to taste or opt for one of the special designed wine experiences. Current and rare past vintages, compatible raw materials, tasty combinations, and the view of the imposing vineyard complete ideally your visit at Ktima Gerovassiliou.